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These are some of the in-print books dealing with antiques and collectibles that our visitors have requested. To view more information about these books, or to place an order, please click on the title. To view a list of other books requested by Uniclectica visitors, visit our Other Requests Page.

[*]   Haviland China: The Age of Elegance Revised edition, by N. Travis. Published by Schiffer, 1998. Hardcover.

[*]   Charlton's Standard Catalog of Canadian Colonial Tokens 3rd Edition. Published by Charlton International, 1996.

[*]   Charlton Colonial Token Workbook By Cross. Published by Charlton International, 1988. Paperback.

ImageThe Confident Collector: Costume Jewelry Identification and Price Guide 2nd Edition. By H. S. Miller. Published by Avon Books, 1994. Paperback, 376 pages.

ImageCollectible Costume Jewelry: Identification and Values By C. Simonds. Published by Collector Books, 1997. Hardcover, 192 pages.

ImageA Collector's Guide to Costume Jewelry: Key Styles and How to Recognize Them By T. Tolkien and H. Wilkinson. Published by Firefly Books, 1997. Paperback, 144 pages.

[*]   Cigarette Lighters By S. Schneider and G. Fischler. Published by Schiffer, 1996. Hardcover.

ImageZippo: The Great American Lighter: Including the Poore Guide to Zippo Prices By D. Poore. Published by Schiffer, 1997. Hardcover.

[*]   A Collector's Guide to Cigarette Lighters: Identification and Values By J. Flanagan. Published by Collector Books, 1996. Paperback.

[*]   The Viet Nam Zippo Cigarette Lighters 1933-1975 By J. Fiorella. Published by Schiffer, September 1988. Hardcover.

[*]   Pyrex by Corning: A Collector's Guide By S. Rogove and M. Steinhauer. Published by Antique Publications, 1993.

[*]   Pyrex by Corning: A Supplement and 1997-98 Price Guide By S. Rogove. Published by the Glass Press, 1996.

[*]   Haeger Potteries Through the Years By D. Dilley. Published by L-W Books, 1997. Hardcover, 376 pages.

ImageMarbles: Identification and Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors) By R. Block. 2nd edition, published by Schiffer, 1998.

ImageE. Grist's Big Book of Marbles: A Comprehensive Identification and Value Guide for Antique and Machine-Made Marbles By E. Grist. Published by Collector Books, 1993. 141 pages.

ImageAntique and Collectible Marbles 3rd Edition. By E. Grist. Published by Collector Books, 1992. Paperback.

ImageCollecting Little Golden Books: An Identification and Price Guide 3rd edition. By S. Santi. Published by Krause Publishers, 1998. 352 pages.

[*]   Bud Hastin's Avon Products and California Perfume Company 15th Edition. By Bud Hastin. Published by Collector Books, October 1998. 656 pages.

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