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[*]   The Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta - 4th Edition By Bob and Sharon Huxford. Published by Collector Books. Autographed by the authors Full of many colour photos. Paperback. Condition: G+, slight crease in lower right front cover, rubbing on back. UN233 $29.00 Click Here to Order

In-Print Books Available

[*]   ABC Plates and Mugs: Identification and Value Guide By Irene and Ralph Lindsay. Published by Collector Books, 1997. Hardcover, 224 pages.

[*]   American & European Art Pottery Price Guide. Edited by Kyle Husfloen. Published by Antique Trader, 1995. Paperback.

[*]   American Art Pottery: A Collection of Pottery, Tiles and Memorabilia By D. Sigafoose. Published by Collector Books, 1997. Hardcover, 288 pages.

Image Blue Willow: An Identification and Price Guide 2nd Edition. By Mary Frank Gaston. Published by Collector Books, 1989. Paperback, 191 pages. Synopsis: A wonderful book full of full-colour photographs documenting the variety of items to be found with the Willow decoration! Also, a section on marks and on values. Fully indexed by manufacturer, country of origin, design, and form. A must have!

[*]   British Delft at Williamsburg By JC Austin. Published by Sothebys Publications. Hardcover, 299 pages.

[*]   Chintz Ceramics By J. Welsh. Published by Schiffer, 1997. Hardcover.

[*]   Collector's Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China 2nd edition, by M. F. Gaston. Published by Collector Books, 1994. Hardcover.

Image Collector's Encyclopedia of McCoy Pottery S. and B. Huxford. Published by Collector Books, 1989. Hardcover, 239 pages. Synopsis: A wonderful, full-colour look at McCoy Pottery, including some very rare pieces!

ImageCollector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta, Plus Harlequin Riviera and Kitchen Kraft 8th Edition. By B Huxford and S Huxford. Published by Collector Books, March 1998. Hardcover, 192 pages.

Image Fiesta: The Homer Laughlin China Company's Colorful Dinnerware By JB Snyder. Published by Schiffer, 1997. Paperback.

[*]   Haviland China: The Age of Elegance Revised edition, by N. Travis. Published by Schiffer, 1998. Hardcover.

Image Kovel's Dictionary of Marks: Pottery and Porcelain 1650-1850 2nd Edition (revised). By Ralph and Terry Kovel. Published by Crown, 1995. Hardcover, 278 pages. Synopsis: over 5,000 line drawings.

ImageKovel's New Dictionary of Marks: Pottery and Porcelain 1850 - Present By Ralph and Terry Kovel. Published by Crown, 1986. Hardcover, 290 pages. Synopsis: A fantastic reference for more recent ceramics, giving the manufacturer, and date of manufacture.

[*]   Shaving Mug and Barber Bottle Book with Value Guide by Keith Estep. Published by Schiffer, 1995. Hardcover.

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