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ImageAll About Paperweights By LH Selman. Published by Paperweight Press, 1992. Paperback, 119 pages.

[*]   American Art Glass By J. Shuman. Published by Collector Books, 1987. Hardcover.

[*]   American Cut and Engraved Glass : The Brilliant Period in Historical Perspective. Reprint Edition. By Martha Louise Swan. Published by Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1994. Hardcover.

[*]   American & European Decorative & Art Glass Price Guide. Edited by Kyle Husfloen. Published by Antique Trader, 1995. Paperback.

ImageAnchor Hocking's Fire King and More By Gene Florence. Published by Collector Books, 1998. Hardcover, 176 pages.

[*]   Baccarat: Paperweights and Ralted Glass, 1820-1860 By P. Jokelson and D. Tarshis. Published by Paperweight Press, 1990. Paperback.

[*]   British Glass 1800-1914 By CR Hajdamach. Published by Antique Collectors Club, 1992. Hardcover, 466 pages.

[*]   Bud Hastin's Avon Products and California Perfume Company 15th Edition. By Bud Hastin. Published by Collector Books, October 1998. 656 pages.

[*]   Cameo Glass By S. Goldstein and LS Rakow. Published by Dover, 1982. Paperback, 140 pages.

[*]   Collecting Carnival Glass By M. Quentin-Baxendale. Published by Chilton, 1997. Paperback.

ImageCollector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass 13th Edition. By G. Florence. Published by Collector Books, 1997. Hardcover, 240 pages. Synopsis: A great reference book, including tons of clear, full-colour pictures of all these vintage Depression Glass patterns! Price guide.

ImageCollector's Encyclopedia of Milk Glass: Identification and Value Guide By Betty and Bill Newbound. Published by Collector Books, 1995. Hardcover, 253 pages.

ImageCrackle Glass: Identification and Value Guide By Stan and Arlene Weitman. Published by Collector Books, 1996. Paperback.

[*]   Early American Pattern Glass 1850-1910: Major Collectible Table Settings with Prices By B Jenks and J Luna. Published by Wallace-Homestead, 1990. Hardcover, 602 pages.

ImageFenton Art Glass, 1907-1939 Identification and Value Guide By Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer. Published by Collector Books, 1996. Hardcover, 320 pages.

ImageKovels' Depression Glass and American Dinnerware Price List 5th Edition. By Ralph and Terry Kovel. Published by Crown, 1995. Paperback, 249 pages.

[*]   Shaving Mug and Barber Bottle Book with Value Guide by Keith Estep. Published by Schiffer, 1995. Hardcover.

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