How Long Will a Free Out of Print Book Search Take?


After we receive your booksearch form, we can make the initial search immediately, and be back in touch with you at your e-mail address within 48 hours (usually), if we get a match to your request. This immediate search is usually successful in finding matches for customer wants 75 to 85% of the time, and we can send a list of available copies of the book you want for you to choose from. You are under no obligation to purchase a found book from us, but if you choose you may order by any method noted on the e-mail we send you when we match your book want.

In the event that we do not find an immediate match, we will not email you, but we will, however, keep looking, place the title(s) of the book(s) you seek on our published and on-line want lists and search through the trades and discount houses, advertise and generally search thoroughly the old and rare book field for your want, unless you inform us to do otherwise.

McWilliams and Chee Old and Rare Books can be reached directly via:

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Snail-mail at: McWilliams and Chee Old and Rare Books, POB 51322, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.


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