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Listed below are books requested by visitors to Uniclectica Antiques and Collectibles Online, which do not deal with antiques and collectibles. Although we specialize in antiques and collectibles references, we are happy to search for any book, in- or out-of-print.

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Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution By S. Knight. Published by Academy Chicago, 1986. Paperback.

Widow's Web By G. Lyons. Published by Ivy Books, 1994. Paperback.

Blacks in the History of Fashion By L. Alexander. Published by the Harlem Institute of Fashion, 1982.

Cut to the Quick By K. Ross. Reprint published by Penguin Press, 1994. Paperback.

The Courage of Helen Keller By F. Sabin. Published by Troll Associates, 1998. Paperback, 48 pages.

Man's Search For Meaning By Viktor Frankl. Revised and updated edition, published by Washington Square Press, 1998. Paperback.

A Dictionary of the English Language By Samuel Johnson. Book and CD Rom edition. Published by Columbia University Press, 1996. Paperback.

Riding the Wild Side of Denali: Alaska Adventures with Horses and Huskies By J and M Collins. Published by Epicenter Press, March 1998. Paperback, 192 pgs.

The Body Type Diet By Dr. ED Abravanel. Reissue. Published by Bantam Books, 1988. Paperback.

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