Caring For Your Antiques and Collectibles


Welcome to Uniclectica Antiques and Collectibles Online's ongoing series of articles, Caring For Your Antiques and Collectibles.

Caring for your antiques and collectibles can be a tricky thing. Not every item can be cleaned simply with soap and water or some metal polish -- choosing the proper cleaning method must begin with identifying the materials to be cleaned. Proper storage and handling also go a long way in lengthening the life of your collection, as well as maintaining its value.

The ever-expanding series of articles listed below have been written by Megan Springate, a student in the Collections Conservation and Management program at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario. The purpose is to provide information on the identification, cleaning, storage and handling of antiques and collectibles, in order to extend their life. If you would like to see a particular topic covered in these pages, send us email.

Disclaimer: The author has made every attempt to provide current information, and practices currently acceptable in the field of conservation. The author endorses no particular product or method, nor does the author assume responsibility for adverse health effects or object degradation resulting from any of the procedures presented.


Preventing Warping and Splitting of Hollow Furniture


Storage and Handling
Identifying Different Types of Ivory
Cleaning and Repairing Ivory


Preventing Silver Tarnish

Particular Objects

Caring For Your Straight Razor

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