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Uniclectica Antiques and Collectibles Stock Room


[*]  Unique Lock-blade Folding Saw. A very interesting piece! This lock-blade saw has a wooden handle. The blade is a full 7-1/2" long, with serrated teeth. The handle is 8-3/4" long. There are scallop-shaped details where the blade meets the handle. The blade is in good condition, with some slight inactive corrosion (easily removed); the handle is in very good condition. This tool has a wonderful "feel" to it, and works like a charm! $18 US. Item #UN195.Click Here to Order

[*]   Thimble, Advertising Cream-coloured plastic thimble. Printed, in red and blue: "Milk is Your Best Food Buy. Dairy Council of Syracuse. American Dairy Association." VG. $5US. Item #176. Click Here to Order

[*]  English Leather Waste-Paper Bucket. A distinguished chestnut leather waste-paper basket with brass handles. Invokes dark wooden paneling, leather-bound books, and pipe smoke. The leather is in very good condition (no cracks or splits); minor wear on the high points. $43 US. Item #UN121.Click Here to Order

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